“Incarceration, seemingly a million miles from humanity. Yet, Here. You have moments… and in these moments of clarity, the light. That is, humanity touches you, and of that moment. That light, that simple kindness becomes a beacon! And the warmth, the feeling of gratitude. Vastness. Renewal…memories…hopes. Dreams. Uninhibited. Thank you Arts In Corrections Program.” Mr. L, Arts In Corrections Program Participant.

The William James Association is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is tax deductible. If you prefer to send a check, we can be reached at:

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A note about my donation:

Arts in Corrections Studio, San Quintin, By Ronnie GoldmanThis is such an exciting time for prison arts and WJA and we thank you for being part of this important work by contributing materially and kindheartedly. We appreciate the trust you put in us to be wise stewards of your donation. We strive to continue the WJA tradition of innovation in the fine arts, and service to those in need of life-affirming, change-making programs.

For 43 years, the William James Association has acted on the conviction that the fine arts enrich, heal, and bring communities together. With our support, exceptional teachers have provided fine arts instruction to the underserved of society in prisons, jails, juvenile halls, and court and community schools. It is based on this experience that we know art fosters hope and changes lives. 

Founded in 1978 by Eloise Smith, William James Association’s Prison Arts Project is internationally recognized as a model of excellence. Collaborating with the National Endowment for the Arts, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, California Youth Authority, Marin Community Foundation and others, we will continue to demonstrate that art is a positive and unmatched force for healing individuals and communities.

Today we ask you to please help by making as generous a donation as you can. Your support will bring creative writing, drawing, printmaking, music, and other classes to men and women working to better themselves in preparation for their release back into our community. With your generous support, we will help to create beauty, hope and healing.


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