Prison Arts Project Stories

To demonstrate the lives touched by 40 years of change making art programs in California prisons, the William James Association has created a prison arts story collection to share some of these extraordinary experiences with you and the world.

As part of the national Justice Arts Coalition, we recorded stories at the Arts In Corrections: Building Bridges to the Future Conference at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, produced in collaboration with California Lawyers for the Arts, June 2017. Our intention is to archive personal histories of participants in arts programs in prisons, jails, juvenile facilities and reentry, as well as teaching artists and family members.

Stay tuned, we will be adding stories collected at our 40th Prison Arts Project Anniversary Nov. 4, 2017 and we will be have ideas and instructions for sharing your story with us.

Here are some of the many captivating stories:

Jack Bowers – To His Own Music
Zoot Velasco – Rewarding
Katya McCulloch – Sees Rehabilitation
Cherie Hacker – Respect
Cecelia Kouma – On Punishment
Cecelia Kouma – Laughter Balance
Cecelia Kouma – Challenged Writer
Carol Hinds – Son