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Julie McNiel

Cecelia Holland


Excerpt: The President never had a daughter, except for Julie Taft.

Sitting in the White House and chatting with the First Lady would have challenged a socialite, but 16-year-old Julie Taft was up to the moment. The slight, curly-haired girl had gone to the best finishing school in Washington to master situations just like this one. In contrast to Julie’s own mother, a strict Victorian matriarch who believed children should be seen and not heard, the President’s wife asked her questions, listened to the answers, appreciated her opinions. They quickly discovered a keen mutual interest in clothes, one of the few creative outlets available to an imaginative woman in 1861. Julie admired the First Lady’s lilac organdy dress, and the First Lady liked Julie’s new hat: The two got along wonderfully at once…

Dale Morgan


excerpt from “Three Trees” written by Lauren Wilson
produced by Dell’Arte 2011
performed by Lauren Wilson (in white ruff), Stephanie Thompson, Joe Krienke

“Korbel” written by Lauren Wilson
produced by Dell’Arte 2014
performer shown: Zuzka Sabata (in red), James Peck (in black shirt), Anthony Arnista.

“Elizabeth’s Book” written by Joan Schirle, Laura Munoz, Ruxy Cantir.
directed by Alain Schons
produced by Dell’Arte 2014
performed by Joan Schirle, Laura Munoz (in  dress), Ruxy Cantir.