In May, Joey Reyes and Henry Frank attended the 2024 TPW Statewide Convening, joining community-based organizations from arts, restorative justice, post-release, and cognitive behavioral sectors. The event facilitated networking, collaboration planning, and program learning.

The keynote speaker was Peter Merts, long time photographer of the Arts in Corrections programs. He shared that he is honored to document the arts programs and to witness how the prison system is slowly changing their focus from punitive to rehabilitative. He welcomed the family members of the men and women incarcerated to enjoy the photos of their loved ones on his website.

Participants also engaged in lobbying regarding California’s proposed corrections and public safety budget cuts. Henry and Joey, part of the Public Safety, Transportation, and Corrections sub-committee, were pleased with the committee’s support for community-based and post-release programs.

The convening was a pivotal moment for community reconnection, fostering new relationships and inspiring collaborative initiatives. Thanks to all participants for making this event a resounding success!