Poirier – 17 Reasons Why

I went to the second-hand store
to pick up some second-hand smoke
but the smoke got in my third eye
on the 4th of July
while I drank a fifth of rye
to myself for the sixth
time since my seventh
By eight I was lit to the
but not one tenth of me
wanted to go back to 11th St.
where you and your twelve brothers
were baking
Friday the 13th cookies
for their fourteen freeloading
Fifteen Day Adventist sixteen-
candle-looking girlfriends
with Seventeen magazine subscriptions
and 18 burning draft cards
in 19 takes on a backlot
at 20th Century-Fox.
The 21st Century started
on September 11th
and was over in twenty seconds,
and September 23rd is the vernal equinox
on Machu Picchu.
24 hours in a day
25 cents to play.