Poirier – Shimmering Lucifers

Four square monks drive a Coupe de Ville
Through the vale, over the hill

To get to where the savings are,
They square their shoulders and point the car

They bang their heads when the radio blares
That song about the lady who bought the stairs

And the dandy in back swirls down the chrome handle
To cast weird sun on his pilgrim sandal

Where tokens once slurried to a buttercup Hajj
What now? O shimmering mercantile Alcatraz!

Mobius ministries fringe the haze
Of toothbrush choirs in a Yangtze glaze

Foaming in pollens of this lobotomized valley
Ever since Yankee Candle broke up Bee’s Alley

Where skanking confederates
Did trail natty satins, debt

Free, and Sanity herself
(Now a scent, top-shelf)

Administered to gutter pirate queens
Mini homecomings woven on the cosmic screen

And whispered in a turtle’s ear,
Kid monk you dream, it was the beer

You vowed to brew
Just like the thread will lose its screw

Just like the brain will shed its wrinkles,
Diverting shipwreck’s periwinkles

To be reborn in a lonely place,
Truth’s best conducted by an unclaimed face
/ 4-29-15