Rivas – Sample


Violence an American Tradition

From the start

Lacking any real empathy

No longer connected


Gleaming from opposite ends

Friends turn into strangers

We ignore one another

Paranoia and hate destroys our love

Forgetting from where we came

With no one to blame

Things need to be

Better, why not?


Just particulars floating

In a universe so cold

The world rots away

The air reeks of rotting flesh

And burnt blood

Souls gone for eternity

When all we wanted was everything

We are left with nothing


Continue moving forward

Never look back

Stare into the eternal light

Let the clouds disappear into darkness

Let the grittiness that rests on your shoulders go



My people wander this brain-dead economy of nothing,

and lie awake in the deep dark hour thinking of their own death

while debt buries their souls and demons lean on them.

Money has polluted the house of the human mind, conjuring lavish illusions

of the American dream into the shiftless minds who lack dignity.

Miserable smiles graduating college, trembling in the abandoned streets

and burning their hearts only to be let down by the Doom Enlightenment era.

My people are disconnected between what they know and don’t know,

false prophets, make them suffer the sin of omission.

What will my people become? Once they find themselves in an Interstellar Arc traveling

the cosmos looking for new life all the while acknowledging their common bond

and contemplating their humble beginnings and uniting once and for all.

The universe is I, and the universe is you, and you are the universe, and it will always be with you, and

I will always be with you.





Time moves fast

People have to change

Breaking down the walls

Of the burning city

To study the memories

Of a distant past


Thoughts stuck in a black hole vault

The stars light the night sky

And we have just

Opened our eyes


In our amazement

Living as we do

In a world held by gravity

Beyond the realms of eternity

The belief of pain does not exist


As the mind and body

Stand as individuals from one another

And I live by the nature of my essence

Knowing I am a thing that thinks


And if I may suffer

It shall bring me closer to my existence

That I look outside the habits and norms

Of my misfortune


I stand in the middle of the universe

In relation to all and all is nothing

For this is my miraculous revolution

For I have not forgotten who I am

As I drink the blood of Jesus

The world waits for a second coming

And I am it