Anthology Guidelines

Anthologies produced in quantities beyond the number of participants need to be well conceived. Here are some points for consideration:

The Artist, the Prison Community Partnership Manager (or whomever serves as the prison liaison for Arts in Corrections) and the Prison Public Information Officer need to agree to the project.

Don’t set up expectations for yourself or the writers: Let participants know that it takes time to type up the submissions and more time to run it through the chain of command for approvals. Approval is not a given.

Participating writers need to sign releases with their submissions. Ask your Supervisor for forms.

At the risk of censorship, be conservative regarding the content. The anthology needs to get approval from the powers-that-be at the institution. Avoid offensive language and glorification of illegal activities.

Use your good judgement and let participants know to be patient and keep in touch with you through the institution if they move.

Be sure and thank the warden, you supervisors and everyone who was helpful to the project and use the following credit, e.g.:This (anthology, chapbook, etc.) is sponsored by Arts in Corrections under the auspices of the William James Association with thanks to (PRISON NAME) Warden (NAME), Community Partnership Manager (NAME), Public Information Officer (NAME), …(others to be thanked). “Arts in Corrections is a partnership of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the California Arts Council.”

Is there a space for the CAC logo? You can download from the CAC logos page:

Don’t forget to send copies to WJA.