Conflict Resolution And Grievance Procedure

The Prison Arts Project instructors have access to correctional facilities only as long as they follow prison rules and procedures. Breech of any instruction is grounds for exclusion from the facility. In the event that a rule seems arbitrary or punitive, asking for the reason, suggesting an alternative and/or calling this office for some creative problem solving is recommended. In the event an instruction or direction is so offensive you do not feel that you can comply, leave the premises if you are there, or do not go to the facility until there has been a resolution. 

To insure a safe and secure work environment you are specifically required to follow the instructions of the on-site coordinator.

In the event of a disagreement with the on-site coordinator, artist responsibilities include informal resolution of difficulty by dialogue with the person and a phone call detailing circumstances to WJA.

(If you have difficulty talking with the on-site person, you especially need to call the WJA)

If there is not resolution at the verbal level, provide a written record detailing disagreement to on site coordinator requesting resolution and reply with cc: to William James Association.

At this point, the William James Association will assist in scheduling a meeting with the on site coordinator, attended by a CDC supervisor and WJA administrator.