Drug-Free Workplace Policy

The William James Association recognizes that drugs in the workplace can create health and safety problems for all workers and must be addressed. Therefore, it is the policy of the William James Association that:

1. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession or use of a controlled substance is prohibited in the workplace.

2. Each William James Association employee and subcontractor will receive a copy of this policy.

3. Each William James Association employee and subcontractor will be notified that, as a condition of employment or contract, they are required to:

(a) Abide by the William James Association’s Drug-Free Workplace policy; and

(b) Notify the Association in writing of any criminal drug conviction (including a plea of nolo contendere) for a violation that occurred in the workplace, no later than 5 calendar days after such conviction.

4. The William James Association will take one of the following actions within 30 calendar days of receiving notice of the conviction:

(a) Take appropriate disciplinary action against the employee consistent with the Civil Service Rules; and/or

(b) Require the worker to participate in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program approved by a Federal, state, or local health or law enforcement agency. Upon successful completion of this program, the employee may be entitled to return to the William James Association’s employment.

5. The William James Association adopts the regulations of the CDCR as applied to behavior on prison grounds:

(a) Possession of alcohol, marijuana or any controlled substance is a felony on prison grounds.

(b) any indication of any amount of alcohol consumption can be grounds for exclusion from prison property. We will not pay for workshops missed under these circumstances.

6. The William James Association informs workers about the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace, the availability of drug counseling and rehabilitation programs, the William James Association’s policy of maintaining a drug-free workplace, and the disciplinary actions that may be taken for violations.

7. For programs established under a Federal grant, the William James Association agrees to abide by the requirements of the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.