Prison Arts Project Social Media Policy


The use of social media [Facebook, etc]in relation to your work for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation [CDCR] is governed by Title 15, the Director’s Rules.

As a contractor, you are subject to those rules in the same sense as a departmental employee.

As a contractor of CDCR, you have access to privileged information about your students and your fellow prison workers. You are not allowed to publicize that information in social media without the specific authorization of the institution’s Public Information Officer.

Given the public nature of social media sites, you are advised to refrain from referring to your work teaching in prison in any but the most general ways.

Consider that your students, their families and friends, and your fellow prison workers may have access to the information you post on social media.

References. CCR Title 15 section 3260-67 Public Information 3413, Incompatible Activity